About the Authors

About the Authors

Sanjay Tandon – (B. Com Hons), FCA, AIIA, ACMA, President Competent Foundation, Member – BJP National Council, Himachal Pradesh BJP Co-Incharge

I started CA practice after qualifying in 1986, and over a span of thirty odd years have built the Competent Group. The group employs over 5,000 people and has verticals like – Accounting, Auditing, Consulting, Stock Broking, Commodity Broking, Insurance Broking, BPO services, Software products, and Co-working spaces. The group carries out many social service activities through our NGO Competent Foundation which works on the motto – Help Ever, Hurt Never.
I have been sending a daily inspirational quote from the teachings of Bhagwan Sri Sathya Sai Baba, and a weekly story to about 6,000 people through email and SMS for the last about 20 years.

I believe that a strong character is one of the important requisites to live a meaningful life. I have held the position of BJP President Chandigarh for 10 years.

Beside my professional qualification, my introduction would be incomplete without mentioning my source of strength; my guiding light, Bhagwan Shri Sathya Sai Baba, to whom I offer and owe everything. He has had a massive impact on my thoughts and resultantly my life. I firmly believe that our thoughts become our deeds; our deeds become our actions and our actions are what build our character. Each day I strive to live by the teachings of Bhagwan Baba. He said that, “Service to man, is service to God”, and He made his life a glowing example of that. This is the example I strive to emulate. Taking inspiration from my Bhagwan and from my father, it is my earnest endeavour to serve the people of my country, so that we can bring a smile to each and every one of our brethren. Jai Hind! – Sanjay Tandon

Priya S. Tandon – B. Com(Hons) LLB, Writer, Artist, Blogger, Lyricist, Homemaker, Vice-President of Competent Foundation

Allow me to introduce myself as a person who had never dreamt that writing would be such an integral part of her life’s journey. I along with my husband and soul mate Sanjay Tandon, have written seven books, each containing 52 Inspirational short stories. Our books are titled – Sunrays for Sunday, Sunrays for Monday, Sunrays for Tuesday, Sunrays for Wednesday, Sunrays for Thursday, Sunrays for Friday and Sunrays for Saturday. The stories therein have been inspired by and are based on the teachings of our Beloved Lord and Master, Bhagwan Sri Sathya Sai Baba.

Suffice it to say, that these books being essentially bouquets of love and devotion, have been downloaded to us from Him, and each word is His Word!

I write only when I feel the urge to, or when it suits my fancy, or when I feel some Divine thoughts are being sent to me as a download. Besides writing, I paint, for that has been a hobby for as long as I’ve lived, and it’s something I hold very dear to my heart.

Some years ago I was blessed to have been the instrument through which some Bhajans were downloaded. We compiled them into an album in the name and style of ‘Sai Tum Bin’. The Bhajans were sung by a professional singer and blessed by Bhagwan Baba while He was still in the physical body.

How does one live with the awareness of Divinity … being a God-loving person or a God-fearing one? As a spiritual aspirant, I sometimes share my endeavours about practicing the teachings of my Lord, Bhagwan Sri Sathya Sai Baba, amidst the trials and tribulations of life … an ongoing story of a pilgrim’s progress … through my blog.

Since I developed this penchant for writing, though by default, I realized that thoughts are floating around in the Cosmos. If you are in tune with the Universe and the Universal being, you can hear His whispers. There are only twenty six alphabets in the English language, but what a humongous amount of content has been written by grouping these alphabets into myriads of permutations and combinations!

Words give expression to thoughts. Our thoughts are a mirror of our inner selves. They are what we are! Through my blog, I share my thoughts from time to time. I try to provide meaningful food for thought, albeit occasionally. May the Lord and Master of the universe, shower His grace on each one of us!!!