Akshaya Tritiya

Whatever we start on Akshaya Tritiya becomes endless and eternal ... Just do good to pay it forward in the circle of life … Just keep doing good, because it’s a good thing to do good!

Akshaya Tritiya

Our Indian calendar is dotted with festivals to pray, seek, adulate and offer thanksgiving for our blessings to the Gods. Since we follow the Luni-Solar calendar, our festivals are mostly calculated according to the position of the Moon, hence they do not fall on fixed dates as per the Gregorian calendar. The third day in the waxing phase of the Moon of the Vaisakha month, 10th May, 2024, is Akshaya Tritiya.

Akshaya means unending or eternal. We have heard the story of Sudama/Kuchela the simpleton, childhood friend of Krishna. After Krishna became the King of Mathura, Sudama visited Krishna and carried with him a handful of Poha (beaten rice), tied in a corner of his shawl as a gift. Sensing Sudama’s embarrassment in presenting it, Krishna himself reached out for the bundle and started eating the Poha with relish. It is said that before Sudama returned home, his hut was transformed into a mansion and endless wealth had been provided to lead a comfortable life. The day when Krishna ate the humble offering of Poha is Akshaya Tritiya. The Lord had the poha and blessed him with Akshaya (endless) wealth and that marked the end of Sudama’s poverty.

In the Mahabharata is quoted an incident where Lord Krishna gave an Akshaya Patra (a bowl in which food would not finish till everyone was fed) to Draupadi, so that through the years of exile, they would never fall short of food. This too was given on Akshaya Tritiya.

On this day the doors of Badrinath, Kedarnath, Yamnotri and Gangotri are opened up for pilgrims. This is the day when Lord Ganesh started writing the Mahabharata as narrated to him by Rishi Ved Vyas. The day is also celebrated as Parshuram Jayanti.

In present times, it is considered auspicious to start anything, new like a business or project on this day. This festival is heyday for goldsmiths or jewellers. The largest quantum of gold is bought in India on Akshaya Tritiya and Dhanteras.

Traditionally, the ears of Indian girls are pierced at a very tender age and they are given earrings as their first piece of jewellery. We make our girls wear bangles and anklets because these rub against the skin causing friction and producing energy. Bangles and anklets being circular; the energy produced is not lost and gets transmitted back to the wearer. The jingling sound of bangles is akin to temple bells. This attracts positive energies keeping negativity at bay.

Nowadays we welcome people with bouquets of flowers. Earlier this was done with garlands of flowers. Silver or gold necklaces were used as garlands by the rich. Necklaces of different lengths with pendants are worn to adorn and protect the Vishuddha (throat) Chakra and Anahata (heart) Chakra. Married Indian women wear a Mangalsutra made of black beads interlinked with gold to ward off the evil eye.

Wearing rings stimulates the nerves of the hands that in turn stimulate the brain. The engagement ring is the most talked about ring of sorts. The Maang tikka honours the Ajna/Agya Chakra.

Talking of jewellery, the modern youth wear jewellery only on weddings or formal functions. For daily wear, young girls wish to be devoid of jewels. Sometimes I wonder why … those who are lucky to be able to afford it, feel it’s a burden to wear it. Others who cannot afford it, wish they could! So if you are blessed to have it, value it! Interestingly foreigners are seen wearing Indian jewellery and beaming with joy!

Whatever we start on Akshaya Tritiya becomes endless and eternal. Buying ornaments can’t be done every Akshaya Tritiya but we can surely do a good deed, feed the hungry, help someone or even start a good habit. Just do good to pay it forward in the circle of life … Just keep doing good, because it’s a good thing to do good!

Here is the link to this piece in Hindustan Times published on 28.04.2024 https://www.hindustantimes.com/cities/chandigarh-news/sunrays-akshaya-tritiya-the-golden-day-to-attract-abundance-101714249319652.html

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