Corona Se Karuna Tak - A Song about Mother Nature

Corona Se Karuna Tak - A Song about Mother Nature

Over the years there have been repeated reminders from parents, Spiritual Gurus, Governments, counsellors, courts, social workers etc. to save the Earth; to stop polluting the air and water, but no one bothered to listen. Now all that and more, has been achieved by God’s master stroke called Corona. Travel, entertainment, holidaying, clubbing, Industrial production leading to effluents… everything is passe’.

For years we have known somewhere deep down that we are abusing Mother Nature. Humans have abused the Air, Water and the Earth without giving a thought about what the future
generations will face. Our ancient systems of life were simple and non-polluting. Man was earlier kind and considerate towards Mother Nature. But somewhere down the line, man
became so self-centred that the focus shifted from everything else to ‘I, Me, and Myself’. Each individual was being groomed to think and focus on himself only. Self-esteem was being talked about as if it was Guru- Mantra. This was totally opposed to the ancient doctrine of ‘Vasudhaiva kutumbakam’ – The world is one family. My mother would tell us that mothers are selfless. They bear the child for nine months, thereby giving up a part of themselves. They go through the pain of labour and further spend sleepless nights and days in bringing up their offspring.

Mothers are the epitome of selfless love. And Mother Nature is like a million mothers put together! All good things they say come to an end. For those who had it all, the going was good. It was perhaps too good. The Richie rich lived from party to party. Life revolved around salons, clubs, pubs, Liquor, Exotic food etc. It was all about ‘Eat, drink and be merry for tomorrow we shall die!’ Well! Hopefully Corona is a lesson for all of humanity. Mother earth has borne the brunt of all the toxic waste produced by man. All the plastic that has ever been produced is still on this Earth; it takes thousands of years to decompose if at all it does. It eventually ends in landfills. Man has indulged in extensive amount of mining and deforestation. Because man is greedy; there is no end to his desires. Whatever man has, he wants more and more. The Earth has been gasping for breath and crying too. Yes! God heard its cries!

We have to behave conscientiously towards the Air, Water and the Earth. Our thoughts, words and deeds define who we are. With these thoughts playing on my mind I wrote a song called ‘Corona se Karuna Tak’. Do listen to it below:


This song was sung by Atul Dubey

Let us be kind to Mother Earth … it has mothered us since our first breath and will do so till our last. And as an inheritance, if we cannot leave behind anything else for our progeny, at least let’s leave behind the Air, the Water and the Earth!