The Right and Duty to Vote

Each voter is a king-maker. The Constitution of India says that it is your right to vote if you are an adult. We should realise that it is also our duty!

The Right and Duty to Vote

Presently India is one of the most happening countries in the world. The world is watching India.

India being the largest democracy in the world, the General elections are exhilarating. Chandigarh, shall vote for its MP on June 1, 2024. Will you go out to vote? Why? Why not?

What’s the value of one vote?
Zillions of drops make an ocean. 96.88 crore voters constitute the Indian Democracy. The right to vote empowers each one of us and provides an opportunity to give our opinion, our input about what we want for our country. People’s problems can be addressed if only the right people are in the right place.

We are all in this together:
Unless each one of us votes, we can’t have a government that is truly of the people, for the people and by the people. In present times, social media is a game changer. If there is a candidate you believe in, you can create a stir on social media. Sometimes people are not sure about who the right candidate is. Your posts, your vocals can make a difference!

First timers:
Entering into the world of Adult Franchise definitely invokes patriotism in youngsters. Everyone has the right to make an informed decision. All candidates have a presence in the media and social media. And Google knows everything! Do a thorough KYC of your candidate. It is your right. Be the judge and choose your candidate. Know your facts before you click on the EVM.

In a democracy, the people have immense power to choose their representatives through elections. The fact that each individual whosoever he may be, has only one vote, as a great equaliser. It is by exercising your adult franchise that you align yourself with something larger than yourself. Everyone aspires for a bright future for their children. For the sake of the generations to come, it is important to vote for the right people and get them to the helm of affairs.

Where’s my money?
The tax payers of the country have a right to know where their money is spent. Choose the one who shall show you where your money is being spent, with transparency. Choose the one whose integrity, honesty and accountability is proven. Let not your hard earned money go down the drain.

In times of crises
All of us make small or big decisions at home or at our place of work. What about national level decisions? When there is a threat to the country, diplomatic decisions have to be made, calls have to be taken on finance, aviation, transport systems, defence etc., who takes them? It is important that intelligent, honest and capable people are at the helm of affairs so that our country is safe and secure … and we can live peacefully.

This affects everyone:
Culturally speaking, India is a conglomeration of communities, religions, beliefs. Different communities celebrate their festivals in their own way. That’s ‘Unity in Diversity’. It’s only in the elections that everyone comes together for a common cause. Elections are called Lok Tantra ka Parv (Festival of Democracy).

Rights and Duties go hand in hand:
Our country is, ‘Mother India’. We should choose wisely, those who will take care of her interests and uphold her dignity and grandeur nationally as well as internationally. Each voter is a king-maker. The Constitution of India says that it is your right to vote if you are an adult. We should realise that it is also our duty!

Leaders are elected by people who go out and vote. And Governments are made by the party who gets the majority. Those who think NOTA is an option, must realise that by abstaining from voting, they are just resigning to fate. Clicking NOTA makes the value of your vote zero. But mathematically, it amounts to one vote less for the one you would have voted for, had you voted. If you exhibit indifference, laziness or even disgust, someone else will decide who wins.

Sadly the voter turnout as per reports, is about 60-62%. So where are the rest? And most importantly, where are you going to be? Are you going to be in the que to cast your vote? Or are you going for a holiday because it’s a weekend, a movie, a party, a wedding function?

This time, our super seniors can vote from the comfort of home. My mother-in-law's vote was collected from home yesterday. She was sooo happy to caste her vote for you know who!!!

Voting is your right!

Choosing who to vote for, is your privilege!

Casting your vote, is your duty!

Do perform well! God bless us all and our Great Motherland!