In the Maha Bharat, when Duryodhana sought to disrobe Draupadi, the consort of Pandavas, she prayed to Lord Krishna in various ways. Although Krishna heard her prayers, he could not respond immediately to her calls for help. The reason is the stem law of Nature.

This universal law operates always at all places and at all times. For instance, if a man slips, he falls to the ground. If a stone is thrown up, it comes down. These are the results of the law of gravitation. Whether he is a millionaire or a pauper, if his foot slips, he falls down. That is how the laws of Nature operate, regardless of the persons.

Hearing Draupadi’s prayers, Krishna thought for a moment whether she had done any action in the past which entitled her to secure protection in Duryodhana’s assembly hall.

Krishna remembered something that Draupadi had done years ago. It was on a Sankranti festival day. Krishna suffered a cut in His little finger while handling sugarcane. Immediately Rukmini sent a maid to fetch bandage cloth. Satyabhama rushed to bring some cloth to bind the wounded finger.

Draupadi who was standing by, without hesitation, tore a piece of cloth of her sari and immediately bandaged Krishna’s finger. Although what she gave was only a small bit of her sari, it was a spontaneous act of love and devotion.

Krishna decided to make that little piece of cloth an endless sari. He uttered the word “Akshayam” (May it be unending). And Draupadi’s sari became endless.

One Has To Face The Consequences Of Their Own Actions, Good For Good And Bad For Bad.