Respect The Law

It was 1923. Gandhiji was serving his sentence in the Yervada jail. In those days, visitors were allowed to see the inmates only at an appointed time in the evening. One day, Kasturba came to meet Gandhiji. According to the rules of the jail, the inmates were allowed to speak to their dear ones only in the presence of the warden. But because of the great stature of Gandhiji the warden did not wait there.

When it was time to leave, the warden came in to inform them. He was shocked to see both, Kasturba and Gandhiji standing still like statues, without having uttered a single word during all that time.

“Why are you two so silent? Is there a problem?” Inquired the warden.

Gandhiji replied, “I am aware of the rules of this jail. I am no different from my fellow inmates. Then, why should I be given the privilege of talking to my wife in private when the others can’t? I’m sure my wife agrees with my opinion because she believes in equality too. Since you went away, we did not speak to each other because we would have then violated the rules of the jail.”