I Love Mangoes

A religious congregation was going on. The preacher had delivered a long discourse yesterday. He had emphasized the need to give up attachment. He told the people assembled to live simple lives. He also told them of the importance of Maun i.e. observing silence.

On this day, the preacher sat in Maun, while his followers sat around him, waiting for him to break his silence. One follower walked in with ten baskets full of ripe yellow mangoes. He said, “Guruji, I have a mango orchard. I have brought you the best of my crop this year. Please accept them.” Guruji smiled. He patted the man on his back and blessed him. He signalled to his attendants to distribute the mangoes amongst the devotees who were waiting outside. One by one, the attendants picked up the baskets and distributed mangoes to all the followers sitting in the compound. Guruji was observing Maun, so he watched everything, smiling happily. When the boys picked up the ninth basket, Guruji’s smile vanished. He made a signal to the boys to stop them, but they were too busy to take notice.

They returned and picked up the last basket to take away for distribution. Guruji signalled frantically to them, to leave that basket alone, but no one seemed to be looking his way.

The boys started distributing the mangoes. When just a couple of mangoes were left, Guruji couldn’t contain himself. He got up and ran towards them, “You fools, at least leave some for me. I love mangoes too!”

Baba tells us that it is only in silence that you can hear the voice of God. But at the same time, of what use is it to silence the tongue, if you cannot still the wandering mind. If there is noise in your mind, it is useless to force the tongue into silence. Baba describes SILENCE as SAI-LENS!