The Flowers Of Lanka

The Flowers Of Lanka

The great saint Samartha Guru Ramadas (the Guru of Shivaji) was writing the Epic Ramayana. He was presently writing the portion where Hanuman reached Lanka in search of Sita. He wrote, “Hanuman, the brave messenger of Lord Rama, searched all over the city of Lanka to find Sita. Lanka was full of beautiful gardens. He searched through the palace and the gardens. There were white flowers, blooming all over the garden.” Just then there was a sharp voice that reprimanded him, “No! That is wrong!”

Ramadas looked up from his work and was surprised to see Hanuman standing in person. Hanuman said, “I have been hovering around you time and again, enjoying your composition of the Ramayana. But what you chanted now is wrong.” Ramadas said humbly, “My Lord, I don’t understand. What is wrong with it?” Hanuman said, “Lanka was surely full of flowers. But they were red in colour. They were not white as you have written. So I wanted to correct you.”

Ramadas humbly folded his hands and said, “Oh! Anjaneya, Lord Rama would never put the wrong words into my mind. I am writing just that, what He is directing me to write. I have not seen the flowers.”

Hanuman insisted, “You are writing that what you are seeing in your mind’s eye. I am telling you what I actually saw with my own eyes. Let me tell you once and for all, the flowers in Lanka were red and only RED.”

Ramadas said, “Hanuman, I’m sorry but my Lord Rama tells me to write that the flowers were white. Perhaps you were mistaken or perhaps you have forgotten.”

Just then there was a flash of blinding white light. Wonder of wonders! Lord Rama appeared out of thin air! Hanuman was the first to prostrate at the feet of His beloved Lord. Ramadas followed suit. Hanuman was quick to say, “Oh Lord! Thank you for coming, for we are unable to resolve a dispute.”

Lord Rama smiled benevolently and said, “Hanuman, what Ramadas is seeing through his mind’s eye is correct. Lanka was indeed full of white flowers!” Hanuman was dumb struck, “But, My lord, what about the red flowers that I saw?” Rama smiled again and continued, “That too was true my dearest one. At that time you were looking for Sita. Your eyes were red with anger. So the white flowers appeared red to you!” Hanuman bowed before his master and Bhagwan Rama continued, “Hanuman, all that we see around us in the world appears to us in accordance with our attitude or the condition of our mind. The world is but a mirror of what we are. If we are happy, the world seems to be a happy place. If we are sad, even the trees and the flowers appear to be sad and droopy.”