Grace At Gurudwara

A couple had been using an old two wheeler to transport themselves to the Gurudwara for many years. One cold winter day, they sold off their scooter and put in their meagre savings and were able to afford themselves a small and cheap car. But they were thrilled they would not feel cold in it while going to the Gurudwara on these chilly winter mornings.

The first day they went there, they requested the Granthi (Head Priest) to make an Ardas (a special prayer) for they had brought their new car to the Gurudwara. As the Granthi said the prayer the woman realized from his words that he was saying that this couple had given a new car in the service of God and the Gurudwara. The woman tried to tell her husband and the Granthi that there was some misunderstanding, but both the men were praying with eyes closed and paid heed to her frantic gestures only after the prayer was competed.

The distraught woman explained to her husband what the prayer meant. The man looked pensive for a moment, and then said, “Well, if that is His will, so be it!” The woman tried to make her husband tell the Granthi that there was a mistake, but he told her to be quiet and take it as God’s will.

So, much against her wishes, the woman with tear-filled eyes boarded a rickety local bus to return back home, along with her much contented husband. They continued their daily ritual of going to the Gurudwara early every morning. The mercury dipped and it was colder than ever. The broken windows of the bus that became their daily means of transport seemed bent upon directing the freezing draught at her…

One day, the couple had just come out of the Gurudwara after paying obeisance, when an old man wearing shabby, tattered clothes said to them, “I have to go into the Gurudwra, but my bag is too heavy to carry. Would you please keep an eye on it for a few minutes, till I come back?”

The old man looked sick and tired, so the couple thought they should help him and agreed to look after his bag. They waited and waited for him to return. An hour went by, but the man did not turn up. So the man put the worn out bag on his shoulder and along with his wife went into the Gurudwara to look for the old man. They could not find him anywhere so they asked the Granthi, if he had seen an old man wearing tattered clothes. The Granthi confirmed that no one who looked like that had come there. Then the Granthi knit his brows and looked closely at the man and asked, “Aren’t you the man who brought a new car, last month?” The man said, “Yes, I am.” The Granthi said, hastily, “Let me see the bag.” They opened the bag and found that it contained a huge sum of money… enough to buy a very good car! The Granthi said, “He has given you enough to get a big car. Go man… and don’t buy a small one this time!”

It is said that destiny is simply the strength of your desire,
If you cry at a bubble, it grows double,
If you smile at a trouble, it disappears like a bubble!