A Drop Of Blood!

A Drop Of Blood!

“From birth to death, from dawn till night, man pursues fleeting pleasures by the exploitation, the despoiling, and the desecration of Nature, ignoring the truth that it is the property of God, the Creator, and any injury caused to it is a sacrilege which merits dire punishment.” (Bhagwan Baba)

A young man was blessed by a holy sage with an unusual boon. A single drop of his blood, if given to any one, could cure the recipient of any disease or illness. Anyone in his village, falling sick, would ask for a drop of his blood. Just a drop administered, would work the miracle of a perfect cure! The news of the wonder blood spread, people from neighbouring villages started coming in search of the man.

As years passed, the queue of visitors seeking his blood became unending. Each day from dawn to dusk the man was inundating sickly men and women with a single drop of blood each.

A day came when the man became frail and weak. It was becoming increasingly difficult for him to squeeze even a few drops of blood from his bruised hands. But the requests from people who had tasted blood were now turning into demands. Each person said, “It’s just one drop that I need!” “At least spare a drop for me, I am going to die, if you don’t.” “Let me be the last one, but don’t turn me away.”

A time came when the wonder blood man was too weak to give any more. He was dying. But the serpentine queue outside his house was still thirsty and pleading for his blood.

Not a single person thought about how to save the dying healer. Each one thought only about himself.

Dear Reader, pause here for a moment to think. Who is the healer and forever-giving one?

It is the Earth! Yes, our very own, Mother Earth! Man has unashamedly used and abused the Earth. He has poisoned it with chemicals, effluents, plastics, polythene and things suchlike. Man today is self-centered. He thinks only of himself. The indiscriminate use of the elements of nature, has caused so much ecological imbalance that nature is taking its revenge on man in the form of Earthquakes, tsunamis, floods, famines etc. The rate at which the elements are being polluted, one wonders what we will be able to pass on to the coming generations! Pure soil, pure and clean water and air . . . These are what we need to give our children as inheritance. But will these be in a condition fit for human use, in times to come? I wonder. . . .