A Garland Of Love

A Garland Of Love

It was Sweety’s birthday. Her mother had arranged a small Bhajan (prayer meeting) at their home. A few families of their friends were invited. Mother prepared Halwa and Channa as Prasadam (Offering) for the Lord. Sweety watched her mother preparing the Prasadam. Later she helped her mother to set up the Shrine for the Bhajan and arrange the pictures of God. She wanted to offer some thing to God, that she had prepared herself. But she was only seven years old and did not know how to cook.

She went to the garden outside and plucked some roses from the bushes. Having carefully threaded them to make a garland, she proudly entered the room, to garland the picture of her beloved Lord. Her mother saw her and exclaimed, “Sweety, what have you been up to? Your cheeks are scratched! Your hands are bleeding! Oh Lord! Look at your new dress; it’s such a tattered mess!” Sweety, being oblivious of everything, said, “Oh mother! I’m sorry. I just saw the flowers. I didn’t notice the thorns.” She tearfully, placed the garland at the feet of the Lord. But mother was annoyed.

Later in the evening, the doorbell rang. A boy held up a gift hamper, saying, “I am from the Fairy Shop”. You won the first prize in the lucky draw for this month.” Inside were two beautiful dresses, just the right size for Sweety! As mother watched Sweety happily donning the beautiful pink dress, she thought, “She looks like a fairy. I’m sure God saw the new dress she tore while being blinded in His love. He decided to send these in return for the garland of love she gave to Him.”

Yes, if only we give of ourselves selflessly, if we choose to see only the flowers and ignore the thorns, then God shall soften the sharpness of the thorns and make the flowers easier to pick.

Bhagwan goes to the extent of saying, “Make yourselves into a garland and I shall be the thread holding all the flowers together!”