A Grassy Talk

The rains were long long overdue. With each passing day, the heat was becoming more and more unbearable. The ground was beginning to crack as the crops dried up and the grasses turned a dying yellow. A little bird sat on the grass, hungry and thirsty. She pecked at the hardened seed of the dried grass as her parched throat cried in pain. Unable to remove the kernel from its husk the bird inadvertently uprooted the grass shoot from the parched soil. The bird flew up and perched itself on the branch of a nearby tree, taking the dried grass shoot with it. The shriveled root of the grass dangled in the air along with some bits of mud that had clung to it.

The bird flew away but the grass was left atop the tree. The grass on the tree spotted a drop of water lying on the ground, glistening in the sun. It gasped and said, “Water, Oh! At last it’s going to rain.”

Just then a small grass shoot on the ground said in a tired and husky voice, “No, my friend, it’s not a raindrop. It’s my tears. I am crying because I am so thirsty. When, Oh When! Will the rains come?”

Grass (on the tree) – My friend, do not lose heart. At least you are rooted to the soil. You are getting some nourishment from it. God shall surely be kind to us.

Grass (on the ground) – I cannot go on. I am going to die. I am so famished.
Grass (on the tree) – Look at me; I have been left here on this tree by a bird. My root too is dangling in the air. I have nothing for nourishment. But I cling on to life in the hope that one day, the wind shall blow and I shall be tossed to the ground. If not somewhere here, then somewhere yonder, wherever fate takes me. I shall take root in the soil again. Some day the rains shall come and quench my thirst. My parched throat shall be soothened by the nectar of the Gods. Don’t give up hope my friend.

The grass on the ground raised its tired eyes to look at the grass hanging on the tree and they smiled at each other. Perhaps that smiled gladdened the heart of the Rain God and it started to rain!

Don’t let circumstances bog you down. No situation is a hopeless situation. The word hope is found within the word hopeless. It’s a positive frame of mind that is the winning pawn in each game of chess. If you have positivity and confidence, you are almost there!