A Kilo Of Butter!

A vegetable vendor went to the village headman with a problem.

“Sir, the woman who sells me butter has been cheating me,” he complained, “I’ve just discovered that every time I buy a kilo, it is at least a hundred grams less. Please punish her and make her pay up.”

The milkmaid in question was called for.

“This man says you’ve been cheating him,” the headman charged the lady. “What do you have to say for yourself?”

Replied the lady, innocently, “Sir, I’m not sure what he means. I have been buying a kilo of vegetables every day from this very gentleman for years. All I do is weigh my butter against his kilo of vegetables. Did I do wrong?”

The headman laughed heartily at the lady’s intelligence and punished the real culprit, the vegetable vendor.

Life always gives you back, what you give out. Life always comes around full circle!