A Lesson From Nature

Long ago there was a blind musician. He lived all alone in a hut at the end of the town. He lived only on fruits so that he did not have to cook. Those who came to listen to his music also brought fruits for him. He used to sing whenever he had time and often forgot to take his food. Hearing his melodious voice many birds started coming to his hut. The blind musician fed them with fruits lovingly. Even the birds started bringing fruits for him.

One night a robber passed that way. Seeing the small lonely hut he entered it and decided to rob the man. The blind musician was sleeping on the floor and his musical instrument lay nearby. The robber picked up his dagger and shouted: “I am a robber. Give me whatever money you have”.

“But I do not have anything to give you, my friend! Whatever you see here you can take away,” replied the blind man.

“I am not your friend. I want to kill you and take away all your belongings.”

“You can kill me but I have one request”.

“Let me finish the song I was singing before I went to sleep and then you can kill me.”

“Okay. Finish it soon,” the robber stood nearby waiting.

It was nearing dawn and no sooner he started singing, a flock of birds entered the hut through the windows. The birds brought little fruits in their beaks. They kept the fruits in front of the blind man and sat around him quietly. When the blind man finished his song he told the robber, “You are in my hut and you are my guest. Before you kill me I must offer some fruits to you. Please have some.”

The robber was taken aback. “How could I be worse than these birds? These birds offer him fruits because they listened to his sweet song. I too listened to his song and I am taking his life,” the robber felt ashamed. He threw his dagger away and bowed to the blind man. He gave up robbery and became a disciple of the blindman.