A Step Towards God!

Kuchela went to Lord Krishna to ask for many material gifts. But on seeing the Divine face of Krishna, he forgot all his desires.

On his return to his native village he found that big mansions had sprung up at the spot of his old dwelling. His wife came out, finely dressed and wearing many ornaments, and greeted her husband with the remarks: “Lord, see what wonderful things Krishna has given to us.”

Kuchela looked at everything and said: “I did not ask Bhagwan (Lord) for anything. I did not speak to him about our domestic situation. Is it necessary for me to say anything to the omnipresent, all knowing Lord?”

Kuchela then described in detail how Krishna had received him in His palace and how He hugged Kuchela to His bosom and showered His Love on him. “How can I describe His loving kindness?”

Is there anyone like Him who can confer all prosperity on one after receiving a fistful of parched rice?

Today the devotee goes with a mountain of desires to the temple and offers a small coconut. This is not what you should offer. What you should offer is a pure, unsullied heart. If you offer little, God gives you much in return.