Accept Ups And Downs In Life!

A king ordered the smith: “Prepare for me a signet with a motto that would temper my happiness when I enjoy good fortune and lift me in spirit when I am despondent.”

The workman had no difficulty making the signet, but the motto part was a tough one.
So he went to a sage and asked, “What can I put on the signet that will temper the king’s ecstasy and at the same time lift him up when he feels depressed?”

The sage gave him an inscription that fulfilled the king’s requirement.
The sage said, “Inscribe upon the ring: THIS TOO SHALL PASS. When the king gazes upon it in triumph, it will humble his pride. When he looks at it in despair, it will lift his hope.”

Toss a coin a hundred times. You will find that the chance of getting heads or tails will be almost equal, with marginal variation. The same holds good in life. Ups and downs are common phenomena.
Accept it.