Aim To Miss!

A king went on a hunt accompanied, amongst others, by his court jester. The whole day they rode through the forest but not a single animal was to be found.

As they were about to return, they saw a beautiful baby deer basking in the evening sun.

The king quickly pulled out his bow, took careful aim, and let fly the arrow. “Whizzzz!” The arrow zipped inches away from the deer, which bolted into the trees.

“Wonderful aim! Great shot!: cried the jester, applauding loudly.

“You fool!” shouted the king. “How dare you make fun of me!:

“Not at all, Your Majesty,” replied the jester. “The deer was so beautiful that you sent your arrow close enough to warn it, but not close enough to hit it. So I’m applauding your precision and your kindness.”