Always Be Humble!

Three words, `I love you’, have changed lives miraculously while the three dreaded words `I hate you’ have often triggered off violence. `Sorry’, `Please’ and `Thank you’ have worked wonders. Some words can give you ulcers, heartburns, or bruised egos.

Rahim the poet warned us against using rude words. He said, “Rahiman Dhaaga prem ka, toro matt jhatkaye, toote se phir na jurae, jurae gaanth parjaye.” Meaning “Be cautious in speaking. When you injure another with your words, the bond of friendship breaks forever. Even if the relationship is mended there will always remain a knot.” So, be careful of the words that you utter.

“Andhe ka putra andha.” Meaning-‘Blind man’s son is blind too,” laughed Draupadi, when Duryodhana slipped and fell in the palace of the Pandavas, mistaking the glass floor for water. Draupadi’s words of mockery set the stage for battle in the Mahabharata.

So always be careful with your words. Always be humble, polite and courteous. Your words can heal any wound.