An Orphan Shows The Way

An 8-year-old orphan in an asylum, a nervous, unattractive child, was shunned by the supervisors as well as by his playmates. They all hoped for an opportunity to send him away.

One day, the child’s room-mate reported that the little boy carried on a correspondence with someone on the outside. The officials were delighted. Perhaps this was the relative they had hoped would turn up.

The small informer led them to a tree. There, in the lowest branches, a note was hidden. Triumphantly, they opened it. And to their astonishment read: “To whoever finds this: I love you!”

One of the most disarming things in the world is for a person who is despised to keep alive a selfless love for others. No matter what we lack in physical appearance, in talent or in position, we can still continue to give love even if it goes to an undisclosed recipient.