Another Long Program

A merchant had a hundred and fifty camels to carry his things, and forty servants who did as he ordered. One evening, he invited a friend (Saadi) to join him.

The whole night, he couldn’t get any rest and talked constantly about his problems, troubles, and the rat race of his profession. He told of his wealth in Turkestan, spoke of his estates in India, and displayed his jewels and the titles to his lands.

“O Saadi”, he sighed, “I have another trip coming up. After this trip, I want to settle back and have a hard-earned rest. That’s what I want more than anything in the world.”

“I want to take Persian sulphur to China, since I’ve heard that it is very valuable there. From there I want to transport Chinese vases to Rome. My ship will then carry Roman goods to India, and from there I will take Indian steel to Halab. From there, I will export mirrors and glass to Yemen and take velvet into Persia.”

With a sad expression on his face, he then proclaimed to Saadi, who had been listening in disbelief, “And, after that my life will belong to peace, reflection, and meditation, the highest goal of my thoughts.”

Would it not be prudent to live life at a pace where each day is enjoyed, and there is time for peace, reflection and meditation? Why leave these to a time which we do not even know will come or mot? Who knows when God’s call comes?