Appointment With Yama!

There once lived a very wealthy trader, Alladin, in a village two hours away from Istanbul. Alladin had many servants. He was kind-hearted, treated them nicely and was loved and respected by them.

One morning, he sent one of his servants, Mustafa to the market to buy a few important things. Mustafa returned immediately within no time at all. He had a frightened look on his face, his body was shivering, he was panting. It was almost as if he had seen a ghost. Alladin was shocked to see Mustafa in this state and asked him what the matter was. Mustafa said, “I’ll tell you later, right now please let me borrow your fastest horse, I have to rush to Istanbul.”

Alladin let him take the horse, and off went Mustafa! After some time, curiosity got the better of Alladin and he decided to go to the market and find out for himself. He saw Yama, the God of death, went upto him and asked if Mustafa had got so scared upon seeing him.

Yama replied, “I was also wondering when I saw Mustafa here! What is he doing here, because I have an appointment with him in Istanbul after two hours!”

It is God who decides the time and place of everyone’s birth and death. No one can plan this.