Are You Alone?

Are You Alone?

Guruji (term used for teacher in ancient India) had announced that the last exam was to be held today. Each boy was given a small pigeon, with instructions to kill the bird at a time and place where no one was watching. The students set off in different directions, some to the jungle, others to the stream……

Roopak killed the bird in a cave, Shant killed his pigeon behind a rock, making sure that none was watching. All of them returned back to Gurukul (term used for day boarding school in ancient India) at dusk.

All had done their work. All, except Sanath, who still clung on to his beautiful white pigeon. Guruji asked, “Why, Sanath?” Sanath lowered his eyes and said, “Guruji, I hid behind the banyan tree, I hid under the cliff, I hid in the stream, but everywhere, three pairs of eyes were always watching. So I have not been able to do the work. I am very sorry.” Guruji asked, “You mean three people were watching everywhere?”

Sanath replied, “Yes, every time I raised my hand to snap off its neck, the pigeon looked at me imploringly. I looked at the pigeon, thinking that I was executing my command. The third, Guruji, was the God Almighty, who is present everywhere. I could not find a place where God, the pigeon and I were not watching. God also whispered into my ear and said, ‘Who are you to kill? I gave life to this bird, and I shall command the time of its death, this is not in your hands.’”

Gurji embraced him tenderly and said, “You are the only one who has understood in entirety the crux of my teachings. I am very happy. I give you my blessings, my child, I am proud of you!”