Arjuna's Message!

One day Krishna and Arjuna were strolling in a garden, and were enjoying the cool breeze and beauty of nature. All of a sudden, Krishna pointed his finger at a bird that perched on a tree and asked Arjuna, “Arjuna! It appears to be a dove, am I right?” Arjuna replied, “Yes, it is dove.” Krishna said, “Look again. I think it is a peacock, not a dove.” Arjuna agreed saying, “Yes. It is a peacock.” Krishna again said, “No, no it is a wild crow.” Arjuna agreed again, “Yes. It is a crow!”

Krishna then pretended mild anger and said, “What Arjuna! You have mastered archery as also other sciences. Can’t you use your intellect and tell what kind of bird it is? Why do you simply accept whatever I say?”

Arjuna replied with a smile displaying egolessness and peace of mind, “Krishna! you are omniscient, omnipotent and you are the greatest. You are capable of changing that bird into whichever form you wish. Therefore, I repose trust in your words rather then my own intellect. In your presence, I have no opinion of my own. My breath is nothing but faith upon you.”

To Arjuna, Krishna is not a mere friend and relative. He worshipped Krishna as God. Arjuna became eligible to obtain direct discourse of Gita from Krishna because he surrendered himself to Krishna totally. Because of this quality, Arjuna had the rarest privilege of witnessing his cosmic form. Arjuna was an ideal disciple, while Krishna was Jagat Guru (Guru to the entire universe).