It is an ancient practice amongst the Hindus to take a holy bath in the River Ganga after getting a daughter married off or after completing one’s worldly responsibilities. It is said to be a symbolic purification of the physical self in the holy water to wash off the bad effects of any misdeeds committed by the individual.

An old man had two sons. One day they said to him, “Father, you have discharged your worldly duties well, would you like to go for a dip in the Holy Ganga?” The old man agreed and all three of them reached the banks of the River Ganga at Haridwar. They donned ‘dhotis’ and entered the water. The river was flowing particularly fast at that spot. The old man said, “ It is very slippery here, if my foot slips, I’ll be washed away by the current. Lets go downstream.”

The elder son replied, “Its okay father, don’t worry at all, we are both holding on to your securely. We won’t let you slip away.” The younger son also said, “You are safe in our hands father, take a dip, don’t be afraid.”

But, the old man, saw the sons exchange a wicked look. He said, “In that case, lets take a few steps upstream, for that is the spot where I too drowned my own father. Atleast if I die there, maybe I can reach out to the soul of my dead father and beg forgiveness of him.”

The sons were dumbstruck. They realized that what had passed on into their genes from their father, would one day pass onto their own children. A day would come, when their own sons would also plan to drown them.

How so ever you treat your parents, is how your own progeny is going to treat you.

For an oak to grow, you must plant an acorn.