Be Soft Like The Tongue And Not Hard Like The Teeth

The Guru was becoming old. When his last days approached, he called his disciples and students and asked – “Please look into my mouth and tell me, how many teeth are remaining?”

One by one everyone came and peeped into his mouth. Everyone said – “Your teeth have gone long time ago, not even one is remaining.”
Guru asked – “Is the tongue still there?”
Everyone said – “The tongue is there.”
Guru said – “Surprise! The tongue was there when I was born. The teeth came later. That which came later should have gone later. How did this happen?”
Everyone was lost deep in thought.

Guru smilingly said – “I have called you here to tell you this. The tongue is still there because it does not have Kathorta. The Teeth came later and went earlier because they are hard (Kathor).

This hardness was the reason for their destruction. Therefore my dear students if you want to live long then be soft like the tongue, not hard like the teeth.”