Become God

A six year old was sitting with his grandma. She was telling him about great men and their great deeds. She was telling him that when he grew up he should do good things. He should study hard and become an honest and hardworking man like his grandfather.

As she continued, his thoughts drifted away and he was in a world of his own; imagining, smiling and enjoying his own day dream.

Grandma’s voice brought him out of his reverie; she asked, “What would you like to be when you grow up?” He answered firmly, “Nani, when I grow up, I will become God.” She was speechless. Then she thought, “Yes,” Baba says, “You are God, so am I. You don’t know it, I do.” The aim of life is realization: to feel and to understand that I am a part of divinity. Well, if one day we can grow up and feel that I am a minute particle of God; then yes, I am God! With a goal and a conviction such as that surely he would grow up to become Godly.”