Come Rain Or Sun!

Come Rain Or Sun!

“To get the attitude of surrender and dedication, you must have Faith in God. God, whose play this world is. See Him in the beauty, the grandeur, the order and the majesty of Nature.” (Bhagwan Baba)

It was monsoon time when a young lad in Kerala noticed an old woman sitting in the park under the shelter of a canopy. It was raining heavily. The old woman had tears in her eyes. The young man asked the old woman, “Amma, why are you crying?” The old woman wiped away a tear and said, “Because it’s raining so hard!” The youngster did not know what to say except, “Uh! Don’t worry, it will stop soon.”

The next day the fellow noticed the old woman sitting on a bench in the park, crying again. It was a sunny day and the fellow wiped the sweat off his brow as he asked her, “Amma, why are you crying again today?” The old woman closed her eyes to the blinding light of the sun and said, “Because the Sun is shining and it is so hot!”

The follow was puzzled. He asked the old woman, “What is there to cry about? The Sun shall set by the evening. Anyways, if it rains you cry and if it is sunny you cry too, what do you really want?”

The old woman said, “You see, my daughter is married to a man who makes hand-fans out of dried palm leaves. If it rains he doesn’t sell a single fan so my daughter and her family go hungry. I feel sad for her, so I cry.”

The boy asked, “But, why do you cry when the Sun shines?” The woman said, “My other daughter is married to a man who makes umbrellas. If the Sun shines brightly, he doesn’t sell any umbrella and my daughter and her children go hungry so I cry for their bad luck!”

The young fellow smiled and said, “Amma, the day the Sun shines you should feel happy for your daughter who is married to the fan seller. And when it pours you should be happy for your daughter who is married to the umbrella seller!”

Isn’t it true that we sometimes cry over silly things? We should try and look for reasons to smile. Come rain or sun, life is not always a bed of roses. But then each situation has a darker side as well as a brighter one. It is a matter of attitude or perspective. The choice is in your hands! Do you choose to cry or to laugh?