Compassion Is The Root Of All Generosity

The great king of Punjab, Sardar Ranjit Singh was known for his compassionate heart. Once he was travelling along with his body guard in his horse-drawn carriage when without warning a stone-missile hit his forehead, causing intense pain and bleeding.

The body guard stopped the vehicle and ran in search of the culprit who threw the stone hurting the ruling prince. The offender was an old woman, who was caught and brought to the presence of the ruler. Naturally the old woman was trembling with fear expecting to be given a good thrashing for her act.

“Huzur, it was not an act of intention. I was trying to pelt the nearby tree with that stone. My son is starving and I wanted to collect a few ripe fruits from the tree for him. The stone missed the target and you were hurt. Pardon me, O gracious Sir,” the old woman pleaded.

The ruler was all grace. He cast a benign glance at the helpless hag. He called the body guard and ordered him to give the old lady, some money and some grocery. The old woman was also to be dropped back at her home.

The body guard, amazed, asked the ruler, “Why are you rewarding the offender instead of punishing her?”

The righteous ruler responded, “When a mere tree would return fruits to the one who pelts it with stones, will not the ruler of Punjab be more generous to one who approaches him?”