Devotion To One's Motherland Is As Important As Devotion To God

In the Tretha Yuga, after the destruction of Ravana; Rama, Lakshmana and Sitha were getting ready to leave Lanka for Ayodhya.

At that time, Lakshmana spoke to Rama, “If we return to Ayodhya, I doubt, we will get back our kingdom. Kaikeyi might have installed Bharat on the throne. We left Ayothya for the forest in response to the command of our father. Ayodhya may not be in a prosperous condition now. You know that Lanka is more prosperous than heaven itself. Would it not be better for you to be the ruler of Lanka and enjoy all that this country can offer?”

Rama replied: “Lakshmana, however ugly one’s mother may be, I am not so insensible as to look upon some other beautiful woman and regard her as my mother. My motherland is the land of my birth. However, attractive and prosperous Lanka may appear, with all the treasures of the earth, I have no use for its attractions and wealth.”

We, who are born in the sacred land of Bharat (India), should be prepared to face whatever difficulties and hardships there may be in our country and use all our talents, knowledge and abilities to serve our country to the utmost and thereby uphold the good name of our country.