Divine Is The Omnipresent!

How can the Omnipresent Divine be delineated and described?

There is a Nepali story which says: A person was asked, “Who is your father”? He answered, “My father is so and so”, “But, how can you assert so? On whose authority do you declare him to be your father?” The questioner persisted. “My mother. Her word I believe to be the truth.” So, too, when asked, “Who is the father in Heaven?” Man answers, “God”. “On the authority of Mother Veda (Veda Mata), the scripture, the Upanishads, which contain the genuine nectarine truths, which these seers churned out of their ascetic denials, discovered in the depths of the purified hearts and earned for the welfare of the whole of mankind.” The Divine is the Omnipresent ONE. It is the minute in the minutest, it is the vast in the vastest. This is the truth which the sage visualised.

How can any one describe to another the sweetness of sugar? One’s experience alone can be the proof. It is foolish to doubt or deny the experience of another. Such behaviour can only promote friction and fear. Science is based on experiment, and religion on experience. In science, you analyse; but in religion, you realize.

The Divine principle is beyond expression and explanation. It has to be experienced. The richness, the fullness and the depth of that experience can never be communicated to another. One must feel that it is his highest destiny to have that experience.