Do Miracles In Your Life!

A man once went out for a picnic with his family. His car was parked in a slope. His four-year-old son was playing close to the car. All of a sudden, the car started moving and his son was practically about to be caught under the wheel. Seeing this, the man grabbed the bumper of the heavy car and tried to lift it to save his son.

He lifted the car miraculously high enough to save his son from the tragedy of being crushed under the wheel.
In this context let me quote the story related by, Swami Chinmayananda in his book Life and Meditation.

“Now think: suddenly you hear that your house is on fire. You rush therein and find that the entire house is in flames, and the fire brigade is standing helpless. At that time you find your wife walking out of the fire with a child in hand. When you make enquiries, you hear spellbound the thrilling news that the child was sleeping upstairs in a room. In the panic, everybody ran helter-skelter, and then the mother remembered the child. The fire man, in spite of his forty years of experience, said, “Maa, no human being can go therein. The whole thing is ablaze.” The mother immediately forgets everything and in a hysterical ecstasy she runs into the fire. Everybody is expecting that she would come out like a ‘Pakora’. Instead, they find that not even her saree has been burnt. She rushes to the room, takes the child and comes out. After this incident, tell her to go near the fire, and she is afraid, her efficiency has gone. But, under the inspiration of that great love for her child, she could do miracles.

So an ordinary man may be a coward, but when he is inspired by a great ideal, you will find that, out of himself he pulls out miraculously a new stream of energy and vitality.”