Don't Be Stupidly Frugal

A man was once brought before the judge for taking a bribe. The judge offered him a choice of punishments to choose from – eat 5 kilos of onions, be given 50 lashes, or pay a thousand rupees. The greedy convict did not want to part with his money, so he refused to take that option. If he opted for the fifty lashes, he was sure to die before they even got over. So, he volunteered to eat the onions.

When he started eating, he couldn’t eat more than a couple and had to give up that option too. As for the lashes, the excruciating pain he underwent by the time he reached ten lashes was enough for him to scream, “Spare me please, I will pay the money, much more if you so wish!” Thus, the foolish man ended up getting a taste of all three punishments simply because he wanted to save a few bucks.

Many people give too much importance to money and neglect other aspects of life. Money is not everything in life. Money can buy you pleasure, but it can’t buy happiness. Money can take you to a beauty salon, but it can’t make you beautiful. It can buy medicine, but it can’t give you perfect health. It can buy you all the gymnastic equipments, but it can’t give you good physique. You may be able to afford a good coffin, but it can’t make sure that you’ll have a good and peaceful death.