Efficacy Of The Name Of Sri Rama

Efficacy Of The Name Of Sri Rama

Once Narada approached Lord Narayana with a query, “Swami, I want to know the meaning of the word Rama”. Narayana said, “ Do you not know the meaning of the word “Rama”? Go and ask the parrot on that tree to explain”. In obedience to God he went and asked the parrot, “Oh parrot!, what is the meaning of this word “Rama” , the parrot fell down dead! Narada thought “Rama” means “Death” since the parrot had died instantly.

He was determined to find out the significance of this event. He went back to Narayana. “Narayana, I asked the parrot as you had instructed, but the parrot died the moment I uttered the word Rama”. “What a sin!” Narayana replied “Narada, since you have made up your mind to know the meaning of “Rama”, you go and ask that newborn calf the meaning of “Rama”.

Narada went to the newborn calf pointed by Narayana. He looked all around to make sure the owner was not around just in case the calf also died. He asked the calf very softly, “Oh calf, what is the meaning of “Rama”? The moment the calf heard the word “Rama” its tail trembled and the calf also fell down dead! What was to be done? Narada fled from there before the owner arrived.

He went to Narayana, “Narayana, the same thing happened! Is death the only meaning of “Rama?” Narayana replied, “No! No! There is a king on earth who has a newborn son. Ask the baby the meaning of “Rama”. He will tell you. This is God’s command”. Narada went a small distance and returned, “Narayana, the bird had none to protect it, nor did the calf. I was not accountable to anyone. But if the prince dies, then I shall no longer be able to see you and sing your glory.” Narayana said, “Whatever happens is God’s command”.

Narada went to the king. The king received Narada warmly praising him as the “Brahma Putra”. The servants brought the newly born child on a golden plate for blessings. Narada recited a number of mantras and gave him all sorts of blessings for a long life before putting the crucial question to the baby.. The king did not know any Sanskrit. Narada spoke as if he was still reciting a mantra and asked in a musical tone, “Oh Prince, what is the meaning of the word “Rama”.

The baby at once smiled, and Narada smiled back, now that he was assured of his own safety. The boy did not die and Narada felt this was his good luck. The baby then spoke, “Oh Brahmaputra, Narada, you have acquired all the 64 types of knowledge. But you do not know the meaning of the Lord’s name! Listen to me. I shall tell you. I had taken the form of a parrot and when I heard the name of Rama from your lips I left my body; because of Rama’s name my life was redeemed.
Then I took a higher birth as a calf. You again wanted to know the meaning of Rama. Again I left the body too after hearing the name of the Lord from you.
. Now I am born a prince. By merely listening to God’s name I have climbed these steps in the ladder of evolution,- a parrot, a calf and now a prince. I have attained this exalted position by merely listening to the word Rama. Imagine then how much power there is in chanting the name of Rama.”
“Rama se bara Rama ka Naam”.