Every One Is Special

It was a dark night. The moon was playing hide and seek behind the clouds. The garden was full of flowers and the fragrance of evening glory filled the air intoxicatingly. The only sounds audible were those made by crickets, frogs etc. The fireflies flitted around like stars twinkling in the darkness of the night.

The night watchman came by to lock the gates and turn off the taps supplying to the garden hoses. As he switched on the garden lights, he heard one firefly saying to the other, “Now, our light, is of no use, the garden is flooded with light from the bulbs. Our little light is too meagre in comparison to theirs, who will look at us now!”

The other firefly replied, “Do not be disheartened brother, soon the watchman will switch off the lights and go away. The electric lights have their own importance, and we have our own. All through the night, we shall continue to add beautiful twinkling light to this wonderful garden. God has created us, man has created these lights. Gods creation is undoubtedly more beautiful than mans. The joy that springs into a childs heart when he runs after us, to play with us, cannot be surpassed by that of watching electric lights. Everyone in Gods creation is special and so are we.”