Face Difficulties With Fortitude

There was once a gardener who nursed his master’s garden with great care, brining water for each sapling in a pot from a distant well. With such dedication, he earned the love and respect of his master. One day he was weighed down by family problems. Putting the pot of water inside, he sat down dispiritedly. He tried hard but could not clamber out of depression. “What am I worth? Am I meant to be a gardener all my life? People everywhere are enjoying comforts and peace of mind. Why not I? I must be a pauper, a sinner.” He demeaned himself thus.

At this point, the pot spoke, “O Gardener! This frustration over a trifle is unworthy of you. Only through difficulty is the desired fruit attained. Look at me. I started out as mud, trampled by everyone. Then a potter picked me up. He mixed me with water, crushed me, mounted me on a wheel, spun me around, hammered me, fashioned me into this shape and roasted me in fire at length. That is not all. I had to endure endless pain from buyers who assessed my quality by knocking me with their fingers. Only after enduring such hardships, I am worthy of being carried on the heads of human beings today. Had I given up in despair, could I have earned this lofty state?”

Whoever wishes to achieve success must similarly experience various trials. Happiness is not born out of happiness. Conquering difficulties alone grants lasting peace. The body is given to undergo ordeals! Provided our attitude is correct, troubles only serve to enhance our courage and strength.