Faith In God

A pilot was having difficulty in keeping the aeroplane stable in the troubled clouds. The wind was strong and the cloud cover was thick. He had made an announcement that all passengers should fasten their seat belts. Passengers on board the flight were scared. The airhostesses looked pale and worried. Some people were praying, some were screaming, a few were quiet and tongue-tied.

A newly wed bride on board the plane, was shedding tears. She said to her husband, “We are going to die. We are going to be separated for ever, I am scared… Aren’t you?”
“No” said the man calmly.
“Why not?” she asked.
The man took out a pocketknife and put it across her throat. He narrowed his eyes and said, “I’ll kill you just now. You will not have to bear the pain if the plane crashes.”

She held his hand and smiled through her tears saying lovingly, “You can’t harm me. You love me too much.” He said, “So too, the Lord can’t harm us. He loves us too much. Have faith in Him.”

Perhaps God came to reinforce the faith and confidence of his devotee, or maybe He came in answer to the prayers of other God lovers on the flight… Whatever the cause, but the clouds immediately cleared up, and the wind stilled. The pilot was amazed at the sudden turnover in the elements. Everyone was safe and thankful. Guess who was smiling amidst the clouds…. it was God!