Feel God

A lady was preparing breakfast for her family one Sunday morning. She was making Channa, Puri and Halva. As she roasted the semolina for the Halva she thought, ‘I’ll put this first in the shrine room, as offering to the Lord, then serve it as Prasadam on the table. So she put it in a small dish and took it to the Puja room. God said to her, “Can’t I have the Channa and Puri too?” She was taken aback at the voice that only she could hear. She went back to the kitchen and made two Puris and put them in a plate along with the Channa and Halwa too. She also put a glass of water and a spoon. As she offered the food to the Lord with a heart full of love, her eyes brimmed with tears. But this is not all, read on…

Soon she put everything on the table and called the family for breakfast. Everyone ate. She served some food into her own plate and as a matter of habit, folded her hands and lowered her eyes. She always offered her food to the Lord before she ate it. But today, just as she started her silent ‘dinning table prayer’, the Lord said, “I already ate; it’s your turn to eat!”

How true it is that God is actually with you all the time. If you can feel His presence, you are truly blessed. Feel God and you shall feel good