Fill The Palace With Something!

There was a wise king. His empire was big and he took good care of it. He had three sons. He wanted to find his successor. He did not believe in the old system of appointing the eldest son as the king. He wanted the wisest and the ablest to be the king. He then decided to test them.

He sent for them separately. He told each one of them to fill the old palace with something and gave them one gold coin each. The first son thought that his father had become senile. How could he fill the old palace with something with such a little amount. Therefore, he went to a bar, drank wine and squandered the money.

The second son thought over it. He concluded that the cheapest thing in the city was garbage. Hence, he filled the palace with garbage.

The third son pondered over the matter for two days. He really wanted to do something special. Then he got an idea. He bought candles and incense sticks. He filled the palace with light and fragrance.

Imagination, innovation and courage of conviction are qualities where the sky is the limit!