Friends As Saviours

This is a story about a group of friends who had a common passion – mountain climbing. On a beautiful summer day, they threw themselves a big challenge: A five hour-long ascension on an extremely steep rock wall.

The group embarked on their adventure early in the morning. They were eight of them. The climb was going very well and the top was near. Suddenly, a black cloud appeared, hiding the beautiful landscape: a storm was approaching. Fortunately the rain was brief.

However, within a few minutes, the rock got completely soaked. The leading climber turned down to warn his companions that the wall was slippery, and would make the end of the ascent difficult. While he had barely finished his sentence, his foot slipped and he fell several meters down, breaking his leg and getting himself seriously wounded in the head.

Too concerned about the safety of his friends, he had neglected his own concentration. After getting themselves up to a safe place along with their injured friend, they decided that half the group should go back down and fetch help. The injured climber suffered terribly and only remained conscious thanks to the reassuring words of his friends.

“Don’t worry. We’re here the other have gone to get help, everything will be fine…hold on tight!” Hours passed, and there was no sign of any rescue. Night fell bringing strong winds with it. The injured climber continued to fight against the pain, and now, also against nature. Yet, the four friends held on tightly against each other, harnessed securely against the steep mountain wall. Despair won them over, but they would not let it show, continuing to support their wounded comrade.

After long hours of endless waiting, they suddenly heard the sound of a helicopter. When it appeared before them in a binding light, they had trouble believing it. A few months after this terrible adventure, the injured climber finally started to walk again. His injuries were a lot more serious than expected and as the doctors explained, his friends had saved his life by fighting for him to remain conscious. They saved him by forcing him to hope.

Hope is a very strong energy. Never give up Hope. It is the least you can do!