G. O. D.

“The Lord’s ways are mysterious. You do not know the real reasons behind the actions of the Lord.” (BHAGWAN BABA)

It was a sunny morning on the beach. A man was sun bathing. He lazed on the warm sand as he watched people doing Para- sailing and jet-skiing a little way off. A young boy was playing a few feet away from where the man lay. He watched the boy collect sand with a little shovel into a bucket and dump it in one place till he made a big mound. He then started shaping it into a castle. The man watched as the boy patted and pushed the sand to carve out the castle walls, doors and windows out of sand. The boy worked tediously for an hour or two. Then he seemed to tire out. He continued but carelessly now, to make the walls and pillars around the castle. He then made a few shabby looking huts by the side.

By the end of it, he was exhausted and lay down on the sand to stretch his limbs. Within a few minutes the boy was up again. He stepped back to admire his work of art. He smiled gleefully as he looked at what was a virtual visual treat.

Then he took another few steps backward and started running towards the castle. All of a sudden he kicked the castle and shattered it completely! The sand got strewn around as it was a few hours before!

The man sat up with a start and almost shouted at the boy as if to ask him, “Why did you do that? You worked so hard to create it?”

But he stopped himself as the truth dawned on him. Isn’t this what God is doing all the time? He creates; He enjoys His creation; then He destroys it! That is His play. And this was the child’s play!

That’s why He is called GOD! G – Generator, O -Operator, D – Destroyer.

The man smiled as he watched the boy pick up his little bucket and shovel and walk away. He thought to himself, “Yes, he is going to create another world somewhere!”

It may not always be easy to comprehend the ‘Why?’ of everything that God does. He does it for His reasons; for His pleasure! He knows what He wants to make or break and when He fancies doing it. Man is a puppet in His hands. He pulls the strings. Man can only surrender and pray, “Oh God! Use me as you best deem fit, as your instrument. Keep me in the palm of your hand always!”

It also makes me think that He created each one of us with something in mind. He created each one of us with a purpose. Our purpose in life is to find that purpose and live it to the fullest.