Gift Me Your Ahamkaar!

A Sanyasi went to a King. After a few days of stay, while going, the Sanyasi asked the King to gift him something of his choice.

The King thought for a while and said, “Take everything in the treasury.”

“But that does not belong to you. It belongs to the state, you are only it’s trustee,” explained the Sanyasi.

“Then take this palace,” said the King. “This too belongs to the people,” the Sanyasi laughed.

“This body is mine, take it and do what you please with it,” said the King. “This belongs to your children. How can I take it?” the sanyasi responded.

“So what is it that is mine and worthy of giving you?
Please tell me and I shall give it to you.”
“Oh King, if you really want to give me something which belongs to you, then give me your Ahamkaar; your pride; the ‘I’,” said the sanyasi.

Ahamkaar is the door to defeat. Ahamkaar destroys glory. It is a sign of hollowness. The sooner you give it away, the better!