Give And Take!

Prem Chand was a very famous writer. Life taught him self reliance, discipline and humility. One day as he was proceeding to National tour along with his wife, their two sons accompanied them upto the Railway Station, for send off. Just before the train was to leave, his elder son entered the train and prostrated to the parents. The second son remained out side with his hands tucked into his pants and simply waved his hand said TaTa as the train moved.

As the train left the station, Prem Chand’s wife noticed his grim face and asked him for the reason. He said, “See, the younger one didn’t prostrate to us!” She said, “Leave it. The Present day youngsters are like that. Also, what do we lose if he didn’t prostrate to us?” But Prem Chand could not take his mind off this feeling. Then she said, “Forget about it. Why do you feel so sad about it!” Prem Chand explained, “It is not because he refrained from prostrating. I am worried about his psychology and about his future.”

During the course of time, Prem Chand’s elder son finished Bar-at-law and became a Judge in the Allahabad High Court. The younger son lagged behind and had to work as a clerk in the same High Court. In the High court, while every body was saluting the elder son, the younger one had to salute to every body.

The society respects you in the same manner as you respect your parents. It is a reflection of your own behaviour.