Give Up Anger!

Give Up Anger!

“Train your mind to walk quietly along small stretches of road at first and then after you have become sure of its docility, you can take it along safely down the tortuous road of the six fold temptations of lust, anger, greed, delusion, pride and jealousy.”

A preacher was also the head of a village and had a large number of people at his beck and call.

As part of his discourse on the holy day of Dusshera, he talked about the vices of Ravana and the importance of giving up vices and bad habits. So he encouraged and goaded everyone to give up one bad habit each on this auspicious day. To set an example, he said, “I give up my anger. From now on, I will never get angry.”

As the discourse concluded and the congregation started to disperse, a little girl came up to the preacher and said, “Oh Guruji, which bad habit did you give up!” He said, “I gave up my anger!”

Another youngster asked, “Did you really give up your anger?” The priest raised his head pompously and said, “Of course I did! I shall never be angry again!” As he walked a few steps ahead, a man said, “Guruji, what a wonderful resolve, but do you really think, you will be able to carry it off ?” The Guru said, “Do you think, I will go back on my word? Of course I will do it!”

A few minutes later a girl asked, “Guruji! Did I hear you right? What did you gave up?” He asked, “Oh Lord! I am telling you all, I have given up my anger!” Another minute later an old lady said, “I was sitting too far behind, so I didn’t really hear you. What did you say, you gave up?”

Now, that was getting to be too much! The preacher shouted, “How many times should I tell you? I have given up my anger!”

Well! Giving up vices or working on self-improvement is not such a simple matter. It takes huge mental strength and resolve. It is not as simple as making an announcement of renunciation. Character and countenance cannot be built in a day. It is a never ending process in self grooming. We can never achieve much if we are in a hurry to achieve. One learns to walk first and later on to run. When one foot walks, the other rests howsoever fleetingly it may be! Doing and being are to be balanced at all times!