God Heard You

God Heard You

A Brahmin was delivering a discourse on the importance of reciting prayers in the praise of the Lord. A large number of people were listening. The Brahmin laid stress on the importance of praying, singing and reciting bhajans, talking politely etc.

A young man, called Gopa, got up and said rudely, “Panditji, what proof do you have that this so called God of yours, listens to our prayers? These are all a means of earning for you Brahmins. Who knows what reaches God? You are just wasting our time. Why don’t you just wind up your talk now? Enough is enough.” The Panditji asked the youngster to sit down and meet him later after the session was over. The fellow continued to interrupt and disturb him. When he did it for the fifth time the Brahmin raised his voice and said, “What an insolent brat you are! Didn’t your mother ever teach you any manners? Sit down quietly or I’ll beat the daylights out of you.”

That was the last straw. Gopa sprang up to the stage and caught the Panditji by his neck and said, “Keep my mother out of this. Hold your tongue or I’ll kill you.” Then Panditji said, “Kill me if you must, but let me ask you something before that. Does your mother sleep with her doors and windows closed?” Gopa looked at him angrily and said, “Of course she does! But why should that bother you?” Panditji said, “She sleeps with her doors and windows tightly shut, isn’t it?” “Yes, she does,” shouted Gopa. “Then do you think my abuses, would have reached her?” “Of course they would have and I’m going to kill you for that,” he screamed. “Well, if you are sure that my words of abuse could penetrate through closed doors and windows, to reach your mother, then how is it that my words of prayer would not reach the Lord who is omnipresent?”

Gopa’s jaw dropped. He released the Brahmin from his hold. He was at a loss for words. Panditji got up and put his hands on Gopa’s shoulders, “My friend, I’m sorry, I used those words. But that was the only way I could have made you understand. Be sure that God listens to every word that you utter in His praise. Not only that, He also listens to every word that you utter for anything and to anyone. Why! He even reads your thoughts!”

Many a times when you stand in front of the deity in a temple, you pray within your heart; you utter no words; but He hears you no matter what!
Words have immense power.
Words bleed.
Words spoken with love make the listener happy.
Words spoken with anger, spite, hatred, jealousy or malice are capable of causing untold misery.
What happens when someone says I LOVE YOU?
Now think what happens when someone says I HATE YOU!
Words have tremendous power; they can arouse emotions and they can calm them. They direct, they infuriate, they reveal, they confuse; they are potent forces that bring up great reserves of strength and wisdom.