God’S Creation

Diva, was God gifted, she had a good hand at painting. It was her passion and she enjoyed wielding the brush effortlessly over her canvas. One day, she started working on a canvas, having nothing particular in mind. Ideas started flowing and within minutes she had made a skeleton sketch of what was to be depicted. She worked for a few hours and then having cleaned her brushes, she left the room.

Minutes later, she sensed that her child had picked up a paint brush and was merrily dabbing paint on her unfinished work. She flew to grab the brush from him lest he did some irreparable harm. It struck her, how precious her creation was to her. She had spent only a few hours in creating something, but it was so dear to her, that she could not bear to have it messed up by her innocent child.

A little voice inside her said, ‘When you mess up with God’s creation, He too feels just as hurt as you do. He created everything out of love for you, He gave it to you to use, yet you misuse and maltreat it. You created something for yourself, and you are so possessive and protective about it’.

Most of us, do not even take care of God’s most precious gift to us, i e our body. The human body is a temple in which God resides. But, we do not know how to revere it. When we do not take care of ourselves, God is hurt. This Manav-Shareera ie the human body is a precious vehicle given to us by God to ride the ocean of Sansaara and reach across to take refuge in the Lord.

Respect yourself and all around you. Baba says, “I am in you, with you and around you. You are in me and I am in you”.