God's Signals!

A soul was waiting for its audience in the court of God. It had left its body a few hours ago. When it was presented before God, there was a dialogue between them.
God: Did you ever remember me, while you were on the Earth! Did you ever think that one day you would also die?
Soul: Oh Lord! You called me away at the age of 55. I had thought that I would do bhakti when I turned 75. You did not give me a chance.
God: Everyone on Earth knows that I can recall anyone at anytime. Time and again there were opportunities for you to remember me. Your parents, your wife even your colleagues pointed it out to you sometimes, but you paid no heed to them.
Soul: But God! You gave me no signal that my time was getting over so soon.
God: I gave you so many warning signals. But, you did not read the writing on the wall.
Soul: No Lord! I did not receive any warnings.
God: At the age of 30, your hair started greying. You did not read the signal, you just coloured your hair. At the age of 35 your back and neck had severe pains. You decided to undergo Diathermy and Physiotherapy. You refused to understand my message. At the age of 40, your teeth started decaying. You preferred to have them fixed up, rather than understand that you were growing old. At the age of 50, your knees started protesting under your own weight. You continued to eat and drink as before. You had surgery done. At the age of 52, you had a kidney failure. You opted for a kidney transplant. I sent many more signals; but you were too engrossed in your life of ‘eat, drink and be merry’ to remember the one who gave you so much to enjoy. If only you had remembered me, I could have given you a better life and a better after- life.
[The soul hung its head in shame.]
Soul: Dear Lord! Give me another chance.
God: That I will, my child! But, next time when you are born again, remember to remember me. Because I love you and all I want from you is that you love me too.
Bhagwan Baba says: If you want to enjoy the grace of God, you have to ‘end – joy.’