Grace Of The Lord!

Once when sage Narada was proceeding to Vaikuntha, the abode of the Lord, he espied a yogi, who was engaged in severe ascetic practices. The yogi prayed to Narada to bring back from Vaikuntha information about the date of his becoming entitled to entry there- into.

When he stood in the presence of God, Narada pleaded on behalf of the yogi. The Lord replied, “Tell him that he will be coming here after as many more births as there are leaves on the tree under which he is doing penance.”

Narada felt sad and dispirited when he thought of the grief into which the yogi would be thrown on hearing this. When Narada broke the news, the yogi was transported with joy; he was not dispirited at all. He was lost in the thrill of his hope being so near fulfillment.

So the Lord himself appeared before Him and offered him Vaikuntha immediately. But, the Yogi said, he would bide his time, for, he did not like the Lord’s word, which Narada had brought, to be falsified!

The Lord had to convince him. So, he had by his enthusiastic acceptance of the Lord’s Will got over the consequences of past actions. If you win the grace of the lord, even the decree of destiny can be overcome!