Greedy Pig

Greedy Pig

This is a story for children.
Once upon a time all the organs of the body of a boy discussed that each of them did some work or the other to get food, but the stomach alone consumed it all. In that sense, the stomach was the lone beneficiary. The hands said, “We make the portions of the food and put them into the mouth, but they just go into the stomach.”
The legs muttered, “If we didn’t take you to the place where the food was, you wouldn’t be able to pick it up anyways!”
The teeth complained, “We do all the cutting and grinding but nothing stays with us.”
The tongue sighed, “I just get to taste it for a few seconds, then the food rolls away from me.”
The brain said importantly “Surely if I did not inspire all of you to do this, nothing would get done, I do the maximum work, but I get nothing!” The legs said, “The stomach is such a lazy-bone!” The mouth said, “Yes, and it is a greedy pig too, that’s why it’s so fat too.”
So, they all decided to teach a lesson to the ‘greedy and lazy stomach’ They decided that they would starve it.
The legs said, “Come what may we shall not go to the dinning room, we shall not go near food.”
The hands said, “Even if you do, we shall not pick up the food and put it into the mouth.”

The mouth said defiantly, “Even if mother, tries to force feed me, I shall close my lips tight. I shall refuse to eat.” The teeth made a grinding noise and exclaimed, “And we shall refuse to grind the food, we shall not chew it.” The tongue moved swiftly saying, “Well if mother forces you to have milk, I shall refuse to swallow it, I shall spit it out.”

Well, all of them ganged up against the poor stomach and the boy went hungry all day. Next morning mother tried to coax him to eat some delicious chocolate cake. His mouth watered but he was obstinate. An innocent thought crossed his mind. He cut the cake into pieces and placed them on his legs, cheeks, arms, head and hands, saying, “That is for your nourishment.” But that could not give energy to the starving body. After sometime the ants started smelling the rich chocolate and started gathering around.

Soon, the boy was too exhausted to even stand up. He was almost fainting. His mother then took him to task. She explained to him that the stomach churns the food into a paste and passes it to the small intestine. It was here that the goodness of the food was absorbed by the blood. The blood supplied this energy to ALL the organs of the body to nourish them, providing energy for growth and strength.

The boy agreed to eat finally and fed his starving tummy! Soon he was able to get his strength back and it was time again for a game of cricket!

Children; you should not think about the rights and duties of others; think only of what you are supposed to do. Do your duties happily, before you think of your rights. You are a small piece in God’s Jig-saw-puzzle. You cannot understand His master plan, but you can surely do the work assigned to you! For that is what makes Him happy!