Actually, this is not really a story. This is a beautiful interpretation of the word ‘guidance’, which I happened to come across. It is very aptly said that beauty lies in the eyes of the beholder. So too, reading between the lines or between the alphabets, as in this case requires a pure heart and insight. Read on.

Looking carefully at the word ‘GUIDANCE’, we see dance at the end of it. It is said that loving God is like dancing to His tunes. Like when two people dance together, if both do their own thing, they just step on each other’s toes and nothing feels just right. But, if one leads by gentle nudges on the back or by leading the twirl in a specific direction, and the other follows the cues given, with a willingness to follow, the dance is perfect. The music provides the direction and the two make a pretty picture of synchronization.

Think of the ‘G’ in Guidance as God, then ‘U’ and ‘I’ followed by ‘DANCE’ in completion means: ‘GOD YOU AND I DANCE’. So bend your head and rest it on His shoulder; lower your eyes to look at His feet. Follow the directions He gives to you and dance to His tune. Let Him lead the steps, relax in His arms and let Him take over. No sooner are willing to let Him lead, He will bless you with His guidance and you shall experience bliss.

What are you waiting for! Go ahead, ask for guidance and enjoy the dance!