Guru Nanak And The Needle

Once a wealthy man, Dhunichand, approached Guru Nanak for guidance on the Spiritual Path. Guru Nanak gave him a tiny needle saying, “Keep it safely, until I ask you for it, in heaven.”

Without giving much thought to the Guru’s words the man took it home and gave it to his wife for safe keeping. “Be careful, you don’t lose it,” he warned her, “ I have to return it to Guru Nanak in heaven.”

“How can you do that!” exclaimed the wife, “Can you carry anything when you enter the Great Beyond?” Wisdom dawned on the wealthy man. He returned to the Guru asking him to take his needle back.

“Dhunichand, then why are you amassing wealth? When will you get ready for the inevitable journey?” The message went home to Dhunichand’s heart. He fell at the feet of the Master and said, “What should I do then?”

“Repeat the Name of the Lord and use your millions in the service of the suffering ones,” replied the Guru.